'~/.bashrc' vs ' /etc/skel/.bashrc'. Why are there two '.bashrcs'? [duplicate]

Codito ergo sum 06/12/2018. 2 answers, 1.143 views

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There are lots of questions about .bashrc. But I couldn't have found anything about this one: why are there two .bashrcs? ~/.bashrc and /etc/skel/.bashrc. When I compare them, I find no difference. The same thing serves right about .profile and .bash_logout.

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Panther 06/12/2018.

Every file in /etc/skel gets copied to a (new) users $HOME directory when your create a new user. If they are the same you either have not made any changes to your file (most likely) or you copied your custom file to /etc/skel.


How do I set up new users with skel



Pilot6 06/12/2018.

/etc/skel/.bashrc is a default .bashrc for every user created in the system.

~/.bashrc is individual for each user.

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