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The Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to determine whether a given String can be typed using only one line of a standard UK QWERTY keyboard.

This is code golf, so shortest solution in bytes wins!


Input will be a single String of zero or more characters in the ASCII decimal range of 32-126 inclusive. You may assume for this challenge that an empty String requires no typing and thus can be typed using a single line.

You may take the input as a String, list of characters, or equivalent form for your language.

Output should be a truthy value for any String that can be typed using a single line, or falsey for one that cannot.

Keyboard layout

To clarify any ambiguity over what the standard keyboard layout is below is a list of keys available on each line, including alternate upper keys (accessed using shift).

  • Line 1
    • Standard: `1234567890-=
  • Line 2
    • Standard: qwertyuiop[]
  • Line 3
    • Standard: asdfghjkl;'#
    • Uppercase: ASDFGHJKL
    • Special: Caps Lock
  • Line 4
    • Standard: \zxcvbnm,./
    • Alternate: |<>?
    • Uppercase: ZXCVBNM
    • Special: Shift
  • Line 5
    • Special: Space Bar

Alternate upper keys can only be pressed if Shift is also on the same line, and uppercase keys can only be accessed through Caps Lock or Shift. You really can only use one keyboard line!

Test cases

            -> true     (empty string)
45-2=43     -> true     (line 1)
qwerty      -> true     (line 2)
tryitout    -> true     (line 2)
Qwerty      -> false    (no shift or caps on line 2)
#sad        -> true     (line 3)
AsDf        -> true     (caps lock used)
@sDF        -> false    (no shift for alternate upper)
zxcvbn?     -> true     (line 4)
zxc vbn     -> false    (spacebar on separate line)
123abc      -> false    (multiple lines)
            -> true     (just space bar)
!!!         -> false    (exclamation marks cannot be printed by a single line)

7 Answers

Neil 10/10/2018 at 09:36.

Retina 0.8.2, 72 71 bytes

`^([-=\d`]+|[][eio-rtuwy]+|(?i)[adfghjkls;'#]+|[\\bcnmvxz,./|<>?]+| *)$

Try it online! Explanation: Each alternation matches a different row of the keyboard. The (?i) in the middle of the pattern causes the entire rest of the pattern to be matched case-insensitively. Edit: Saved 1 byte thanks to @KirillL.

Shieru Asakoto 10/10/2018 at 09:48.

JavaScript (Node.js), 99 98 95 bytes

x=>/^([-`=\d]+|[wetyuio-r[\]]+)$/.test(x)|/^([asdfghjkl;'#]+|[zxcvbnm,./<>?\\|]+| *)$/i.test(x)

Try it online!

-1 from the comment by @Kirill L. in the Retina answer.
-3 thanks @Ismael Miguel and @Arnauld for their combined effort.

Kevin Cruijssen 10/10/2018 at 10:50.

Java 10, 209 208 bytes

s->{int l=0,t;for(var p:s){t=p.matches("[[0-9]`\\-=]")?1:"qwertyuiop[]".contains(p)?2:p.matches("(?i)[asdfghjkl;'#]")?3:"\\zxcvbnm,./|<>?ZXCVBNM".contains(p)?4:p.equals(" ")?5:9;l=l<1?t:l!=t?9:l;}return l<6;}

-1 byte thanks to @TFeld.

Try it online.


s->{                    // Method with String-array parameter and boolean return-type
  int l=0,              //  Line-integer, starting at 0
      t;                //  Temp integer
  for(var p:s){         //  Loop over the characters
                        //   If it's a character from the first line: 
       1                //    Set `t` to 1
                        //   Else-if it's a character from the second line:
       2                //    Set `t` to 2
                        //   Else-if it's a character from the third line
       3                //    Set `t` to 3
                        //   Else-if it's a character from the fourth line:
       4                //    Set `t` to 4
      :p.equals(" ")?   //   Else-if it's a space from the fifth line:
       5                //    Set `t` to 5
      :                 //   Else (invalid character):
       9;               //    Set `t` to 9
    l=l<1?              //   If `l` is still 0:
       t                //    Set it to `t`
      :l!=t?            //   Else-if `t` is a different line than `l`:
       9                //    Set `l` to 9 (non-existing line)
      :                 //   Else (`t` is the same line as `l`):
       l;}              //    Leave `l` the same
  return l<6;}          //  Return whether `l` is not 9

TFeld 10/10/2018 at 08:57.

Python 2, 130 123 121 115 bytes

lambda s:any(set(s)<=set(l+l.lower())for l in["`1234567890-=","eqwrtyuiop[]","ASDFGHJKL;'#","ZXCVBNM\,./|<>?"," "])

Try it online!

Naïve approch.

Kirill L. 10/10/2018 at 09:45.

Ruby -n, 86 82 bytes

p /^( *|[\d`=-]+|[\[\]wetyuio-r]+|(?i:[asdfghjkl;'#]+|[\\\/zxcvbnm,.|<>?]+))$/?1:0

Try it online!

Jo King 10/10/2018 at 09:48.

Perl 6, 102 101 bytes

->\a{?any map {a.comb⊆comb $},|<eqwrtyuiop[] ASDFGHJKL;'# ZXCVBNM\,./|<>?>,' ',"`-="~[~] ^10}

Try it online!

Pretty standard implementation.

Kevin Cruijssen 10/10/2018 at 11:06.

05AB1E, 66 47 bytes


Takes the input as a list of characters.

-19 bytes thanks to @Emigna. Completely forgot we had qwerty-keyboard constant builtins. :D

Try it online or verify all test cases.


žh                # Push "0123456789"
  …`-=            # Push "`-="
      «           # Merge them together
žS                # Push "qwertyuiop"
  „[]             # Push "[]"
     «            # Merge them togeter
žT                # Push "asdfghjkl"
  Du              # Duplicate, and toUppercase the copy
    …;'#          # Push ";'#"
        ««        # Merge all three together
žU                # Push "zxcvbnm"
  Du              # Duplicate, and toUppercase the copy
    "\,./|<>?"    # Push "\,./|<>?"
              ««  # Merge all three together
ð                 # Push a space
 )                # Wrap all string in an array
  ε   }           # Map each to:
   I              #  Take the input (list of characters)
    å             #  Check for each if it's in the current string of the map-iteration
     P            #  Take the product (1 if all are truthy, 0 otherwise)
       O          # Take the sum (either 1 or 0, so truthy/falsey), and output implicitly - Download Hi-Res Songs

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