Largest and Smallest Possible Number

Vedant Kandoi 11/15/2018. 10 answers, 2.191 views


Given an array of non-negative numbers, output the largest and smallest possible number that can be formed by joining them.


Input,Output can be in any convenient format.

The array may have at most 1 decimal number.







This is code-golf so shortest code wins.

10 Answers

TFeld 11/15/2018.

Python 2, 84 80 78 76 bytes

lambda a:[''.join(sorted(a,key=lambda s:'.'in s or s+s)[::i])for i in[-1,1]]

Try it online!

-2 bytes, thanks to Arnauld

Emigna 11/15/2018.

05AB1E, 11 bytes


Try it online!or as a Test Suite


 œ             # get permutations of input
  J            # join each
   Σ    }      # sort by
    '.¡        # splitting into [before decimal, after decimal]
       ï       # and converting each to int
         Á     # rotate the result right
          2£   # and take the first 2 values

Arnauld 11/15/2018.

JavaScript (ES6), 68 66 bytes


Try it online!


We use the following test to compare two values in the input array:

[a % 1 || a] + b < [b % 1 || b] + a

The expression x % 1 || x returns the decimal part of \$x\$ if \$x\$ is a decimal number, or leaves \$x\$ unchanged otherwise.

The expression [x % 1 || x] + y coerces the above result to a string and concatenates it with the other value.

If there's a decimal number in the list, it must always be considered as the smallest value. By applying our conversion, a decimal number is turned into a string starting with "0.", which is lexicographically ordered before anything else.


  a |   b | [a%1||a]+b | [b%1||b]+a
  4 |   5 | "45"       | "54"
 10 |  11 | "1011"     | "1110"
  8 |  80 | "880"      | "808"
  7 | 9.5 | "79.5"     | "0.57"

Shaggy 11/15/2018.

Japt, 14 11 bytes

á m¬ñn é v2

Try it

1 byte saved thanks to Luis, please +1 his solution too.

á               :Permutations
  m             :Map
   ¬            :  Join
    ñ           :Sort by
     n          :  Converting each to a number
       é        :Rotate right
         v2     :Remove & return the first 2 elements

Japt, 14 11 10 bytes

á m¬ñn gJò

Try it online!

Erik the Outgolfer 11/15/2018.

Jelly, 6 bytes


Try it online!


Œ!VṢ.ị Arguments: x
Œ!     Permutations of x
  V    Concatenate the representations of each permutation's elements and evaluate the result as Jelly code
   Ṣ   Sort
    .ị Get element at index 0.5, i.e. elements at indices 0 (last) and 1 (first)

Travis 11/16/2018.

Ruby, 56 45 bytes


Try it online!

-11 bytes, thanks Jordan

Sok 11/15/2018.

Pyth, 13 12 bytes


Outputs in form [smallest, largest]. Try it online here, or verify all the test cases at once here.

hM_BSvsM.p`MQ   Implicit: Q=eval(input())
                Trailing Q inferred
          `MQ   Stringify all elements of Q
        .p      Generate all permutations of the above
      sM        Concatenate each permutation
     v          Evaluate each as a number
    S           Sort them
  _B            Pair the sorted list with its reverse
hM              Take the first element of each, implicit print

Edit: Saved a byte by taking stringification out of the mapping function. Previous version: hM_BSmvs`Md.p

nwellnhof 11/15/2018.

Perl 6, 41 bytes


Try it online!


{.max,.min}o{[map +*.join,.permutations]}
{.max,.min}o{+<<map *.join,.permutations}

BMO 11/15/2018.

Husk, 10 bytes


Try it online or verify all!


§,▼▲m(rṁs)P  -- example input: [2,3,1.1]
          P  -- permutations: [[2,3,1.1],[3,2,1.1],[1.1,3,2],[3,1.1,2],[1.1,2,3],[2,1.1,3]]
    m(   )   -- map the following
                (example with [1.1,2,3])
       ṁs    -- | show each and join: "1.123"
      r      -- | read: 1.123
             -- : [231.1,321.1,1.132,31.12,1.123,21.13]
§,           -- fork and join as tuple
  ▼          -- | min: 1.123
   ▲         -- | max: 321.1
             -- : (1.123,321.1) - Download Hi-Res Songs

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