Solving for a One-time pad cipher help ; crib dragging doesnt work (no surprise) [duplicate]

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Basically we're given the text

7ECC555AB95BF6EC605E5F22B772D2B34FF4636340D32FABC29B 73CB4855BE44F6EC60594C2BB47997B60EEE303049CD3CABC29B 64C6401BAF45F6A930435F3DF875C4E102F8742A45C824AFCA9B 7AC24F5EAF17F0A0754D5834BC3CC3A90ABD7B2A52C222ABC89B 72C24A52B550B3B8624D4F22F86BD2B30ABD642C498122A1D29B 73CC5457BF17E7A4750C5423B178D0A44FFF756355C03CABC28A 74CC0155B443B3A8795F4224AA7E97B507F2632606CF3FA0D59B

And what we have to do is solve this, I understand the fact that if used properly the one-time pad is uncrackable but in this case we abuse the fact that certain characters are repeating ("ABC" and/or "AB") and have to use XOR in the process some how, unfortunately the problem is that it wasnt very well explained how to solve and other online resources dont really explain it very well in my opinion

How does one go about solving this?

1 Answers

Thrall 03/04/2016.

Take the ASCII values of each letter , convert them to binary and xor them with characters you think it may be. You can do it manually or have the internet tell you each characters values. Just from what I read from the link posted it above it shouldn't be that difficult to do. Since this cipher you have has a lot of repeats, you should be able to crack it fairly easy follow the previous posts guide. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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