Minimize emacs on Windows with Meta-Space, n?

MikeTheTall 07/29/2018. 2 answers, 102 views
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I'd like to minimize emacs on Windows, when I press the Alt-Space, then n keys, just like with other Windows programs (because Alt-Space opens the program's menu that includes the 'Mi_n_imize' option, and 'n' then tells Windows to minimize that program/window)

I've rebound my left alt to be my Meta key.

So I want to set things up so that Meta-Space n will invoke (suspend-frame)

I tried this:

(global-set-key (kbd "M-SPC n") 'suspend-frame) 

But I got the error message Key sequence M-SPC n starts with non-prefix key M-SPC

Is there a clear explanation of what 'prefix' vs. 'non-prefix' keys are?

Is there a way to work around this, and to use Meta-Space in a key sequence?

UPDATE: I've found the GNU Emacs manual entry for prefix keys as well as this Wiki page on adding prefix keys but the following doesn't work:

(define-prefix-command 'keymap-meta-space)
(global-set-key (kbd "M-SPC") 'keymap-meta-space )
(define-key keymap-meta-space (kbd "M-n") 'suspend-frame)

After evaluating all three sexp's I press M-SPC, then I press n, and then emacs waits for me to press something else (by displaying M-SPC n- in the minibuffer).

2 Answers

DoMiNeLa10 07/30/2018.

M-SPC is bound to just-one-space by default, which is a command, not a prefix key. In order to be able to bind M-SPC n, you'd have to unbind it first:

(global-unset-key (kbd "M-SPC"))
(global-set-key (kbd "M-SPC n") #'suspend-frame) 

MikeTheTall 07/29/2018.

This actually did work, once I put it into my init.el and restarted emacs:

(define-prefix-command 'keymap-meta-space)
(global-set-key (kbd "M-SPC") 'keymap-meta-space )
(define-key keymap-meta-space (kbd "n") 'suspend-frame)

; and, just in case I don't release the Meta key fast enough:
(define-key keymap-meta-space (kbd "M-n") 'suspend-frame) - Download Hi-Res Songs


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