What’s a possible one-word replacement for “applicable in every situation”?

Proximus19 06/12/2018. 8 answers, 1.268 views

I just want to ask what word can be put in replacement to the bolded phrase in: “This formula is not applicable in every situation and may vary.”

8 Answers

Bjonnfesk 06/12/2018.

My first thought was the already mentioned Universal, but a more obscure word could be:


Relevant everywhere, or to everything; always relevant.

Further thought evoked the memory of another candidate, albeit more for situations where the omnirelevant object has been intentionally altered to become:


[Rendered] universal [by design or modification].

rosslh 06/12/2018.


adapted or adjustable to meet varied requirements (as of use, shape, or size)

  • a universal gear cutter

  • universal remote control

peerless 06/12/2018.

This would also fit nicely:

shared by, typical of, or relating to a whole group of similar things, rather than to any particular thing:

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

Davislor 06/12/2018.

Also general or fully-general, especially in mathematics:

involving, relating to, or applicable to every member of a class, kind, or group

the general equation of a straight line

One option you have is to say what the equation is rather than what it isn’t, such as: “This equation applies only to a special case.”

JJJ 06/12/2018.

Two words to indicate that something can work in multiple (though perhaps not all) cases are:

Multipurpose, according to Cambridge Dictionary:

A multipurpose tool, etc. can be used in several different ways

(Definition of “multipurpose” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Or multifunctional, according to Cambridge Dictionary:

having several different uses

(Definition of “multifunctional” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Jos 06/12/2018.

Depending on the context (does the formula solve problems? And if so, do you want to make it clear that it doesn't solve them all?) you may use:


  1. something that will solve all problems:

Technology is not a panacea for all our problems.

  1. something that will cure all illnesses


Touchpad 06/12/2018.


versatile (comparative more versatile, superlative most versatile)

  • Capable of doing many things competently.
  • Having varied uses or many functions.
  • Changeable or inconstant.

lemel 06/12/2018.


complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.

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