What game is this red-haired Mario character from?

Steven Vascellaro 08/12/2017. 1 answers, 1.889 views

In the Glove and Boots video What Happened to Pauline?, at 1:28 there's an image of a of red-haired girl in a white dress playing volleyball.

She's placed below a photo of Toadette and Rosalina, and just above the Banana Fairy from Donkey Kong 64.

Screenshot of mystery character

Who is this mystery character and what game is she from?

Robotnik♦ 08/12/2017
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1 Answers

Ash 08/12/2017.

That is the White Mage from the Final Fantasy series.

She shows up as a playable character in Mario Sports Mix and Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

White Mage

1 Steve-O 08/12/2017
@JeffreyBosboom You can see there IS a fringe on the hood in this image, so when it's pulled up over her head, there may not be any hair visible. Given the indistinct nature of the 8-bit image, I think you could reasonably argue either hair or fringe depending on which you prefer.
1 cde 08/12/2017
@JeffreyBosboom nope, the white mage robes in the original releases did not have a fringe on the robe hood, and when they change to the next job, White Wizard, remove their hood. Still a red head.
2 cde 08/12/2017
@steve-o White Mage evolves into White Wizard. No hood, still a red head. The NES version is a Redhead, the Playstation and GBA turned her blonde. Only the PSP version has red triangles on the hood. See finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/White_Mage_(Final_Fantasy)
1 cde 08/12/2017
Her Mario Sports Mix icon clearly shows that its hair too. It's inside the shaded part of the hood. mariowiki.com/images/thumb/8/88/WhiteMagePureWhite.png/…

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