Where can I find the diplomatic relationships of the nations in the Sixth Coalition?

Ole Petersen 10/17/2016. 0 answers, 76 views

On this page I can see which side each nation was on, but it does not mean that each country was in war with all the nations on the other site. Let me give an example: Denmark-Norway was allied with Napoleon and in war with United Kingdom and Sweden I know, but it does not mean that Denmark-Norway was in war with all of the nations from the Sixth Coalition. For example they were not at war with Prussia (which was a member of the Sixth Coalition).

Where can I find the diplomacy relationship of the nations in that period ?

1 T.E.D.♦ 10/17/2016
So basically, you are looking for a matrix.
Ole Petersen 10/18/2016
Yes or just some of the entries in the matrix would also be ok.

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