Who is the most recent (non Bush) father son pair who have invaded the Middle East?

Spuds 10/26/2016. 1 answers, 296 views
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Disclaimer: This is NOT meant to incite political debate. I am looking for a historical answer.

Presidents George H W Bush and George W Bush both invaded the Middle East. Before these two, what father and son pair each invaded the Middle East while top-level political leaders of their land? Maybe during the crusades?

Clarification: The question is for the names of the father-son pair who invaded the Middle East prior to the Bush family. The best answer is the most recent.

Spuds 10/26/2016
Curiosity. I'm wondering if there were any post-crusades father & son invasions, and when the latest one was.
6 SJuan76 10/26/2016
Given that in many monarchies power passes from fathers to sons, I'll bet there will be many people who qualify (most of them rulers of Middle East kingdoms, or Ottoman Sultans)
1 Brasidas 10/26/2016
Pre-Crusades and BC: Antigonus Monophthalmus and his son, Demetrius Poliorcetes.
3 called2voyage 10/26/2016
Even if this were not a list question. It seems like trivia.
2 Clint Eastwood 10/26/2016
Do vespasian and Titus count? Their invasions began before they were emperors.

1 Answers

Spencer 10/27/2016.

If we're allowed to expand the definition of the "Middle East" (and possibly also "invasion") a little, Russian Tsar Nicholas I died on March 2, 1855 in the middle of the Crimean War, and his son Alexander II inherited the whole bloody farce, including a back-and-forth sideshow in the Caucasus, across the border between Georgia and Turkey.

After several incursions in both directions and much fumbling on both sides, the Russians managed to besiege the city of Kars in northeastern Turkey, but the siege dragged on until the Ottomans finally surrendered on November 8, 1855 after Alexander was crowned. Russia's only success in an otherwise complete humiliation, and the peace treaty made them give it back.

user14394 11/26/2016
That's about the only one I can think of. Alexander the Great had no children that I am aware of so that would leave some Egyptian Pharoah I guess. George HW Bush did not "invade the Middle East" I might add. The US was then...and remains today "guests of the King." Very good paying guests at the moment....

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