We are four brothers and two sisters. Who is our father in his seventies?

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Q. What is our father's name, or rather our family name? Who is he?

The more of our (first) names you unlock, the closer you are to finding out my father's name. After all, we are all related somehow!

We'll briefly introduce ourselves, then.

Hi, I'm his 1st son:

I blew up in anger when my friend said I stank, then I decided to vanish into thin air, not to be found again.

Hi, I'm his 2nd son:

I     am              invisible     here       but       built   a       :y

Hi, I'm his 3rd son:

Fine and dandy to work so hard at the gym, but you guys need to take off your sweaty ING before getting on me on your way home.

Hi, I'm his 4th son:

People need me and consume me, greedy ones seek and crave for me, but I may not, I might, I might.

Hi, I'm his 1st daughter:

Just 'cause I look damn hot, don't you dare touch me! And don't even think about asking me out on a rainy day, 'cause I won't look good anymore... Not at all...

Hi, I'm his 2nd daughter:

Be sure to drop in on me and use me when you are nearby. Don't just dump your better half on the street, ok? I'll be looking at her every move, or rather non-move, until you leave me.

4 Answers

Pierre Cathé 07/13/2018.

Your last name is


1st son is

GAS (STATION) (@QuantumTwinkie)

2nd son is

SPACE (STATION) (wolfram42)

3rd son is

TRAIN (STATION) (training at the gym, get on the train home)

4th son is

POWER (STATION) (wolfram42)

1st daughter is

FIRE (STATION) (QuantumTwinkie)

2nd Daughter is

PARKING (STATION) (wolfram42)

wolfram42 07/12/2018.

2nd son seems to be

Space. The invisible characters are spaces, :y = colon y = colony. A space colony.

3rd son is

Train, thanks Pierre Cathé

4th son seems to be

Power. It is consumed (electricity), craved by the greedy, a synonym for might.

Second daughter might be

Parking. Your car is your better half. Leaving your car at a parking station will have it under surveillance (and it won't move). It is also better than dumping your car on the street.

Last name is probably

Station since it follows all of the words found. The "Seventies" clue is that there is 7 letters.

rootbeet 07/11/2018.

Last Name


1st Son

Gas Station (@QuantumTwinkie)

2nd Son

Space Station (@wolfram42)

3rd Son

Train Station (@Pierre Cathé)

4th Son

Power Station (@wolfram42)

1st Daughter

Fire Station (@QuantumTwinkie)

2nd Daughter

Weigh Station (Trucks drop in, dump trailer behind, can weigh the trailer whether moving or still)

QuantumTwinkie 07/11/2018.

1 is


2 is

Space from Wolfram42

3 is


4 is


5 is


6 is

Water maybe, with the use of the word "drop"?

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