Do Arcane Ward's starting hit points include the INT modifier once or twice?

PixelMaster 06/13/2018. 1 answers, 1.198 views
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An abjuration wizard's Arcane Ward states:

[...] The ward has hit points equal to twice your wizard level + your Intelligence modifier.

So how many hit points is this supposed to be?

\$ (2 * WizardLevel) + INT_{mod}\$


\$2 * (WizardLevel + INT_{mod})\$ ?

I feel like the phrasing hints toward the first calculation, but it's still somewhat ambiguous.

1 Answers

Sdjz 06/13/2018.

It is \$ (2 * WizardLevel) + INT_{mod}\$

Fortunately, Jeremy Crawford has clarified this in this sage advice:

Arcane Ward—its hit point maximum equals your Intelligence modifier plus twice your wizard level.

It might also be worth it to note that this interpretation follows the more natural mathematical Order of Operations. (credit to Gandalfmeansme for noticing this)

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