Can Major Image or Minor Illusion block the view of a beholder's eye stalks?

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I was reading the Monster Manual and got to the beholder (Monster Manual, p. 28). It says that the beholder can target three targets it can see.

If I used the major image or minor illusion spells, could they be used to make a wall, and make the eye stalks unusable on anyone behind them?

2 Answers

Aguinaldo Silvestre 07/27/2018.

Yes, but there are some concerns.

Unlike fog cloud, the wall can be circumvented since a wall illusion wouldn't spread the whole 20ft cube like the fog cloud spell. Even so, if it interacts or pass the investigation check, it will be able to see through the illusion. Last but not least, while major image can make a decent wall, minor illusion is just too small for that with its 5 feet cube size. The beholder can choose several squares to be looking at you from as a large creature with eyes all around it (with perception +12 nonetheless). Also, same weakness of the previous spell.

But for sure you can force it to get close to you with those spells, even if you get 4 casters to pile up 4 minor illusion spells to hide behind it.

Cedric 07/27/2018.

Sorry, but the short answer is no. The long answer is also no, but because the Beholder's central eye casts an antimagic field spell in a 150 foot cone. It would be useless to create illusions at that distance from it.

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