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Yevhen Vasilenko 09/16/2017. 2 answers, 13.729 views
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Google I/O 2015 promised debugging native code in Android Studio. To do this, you need to install ndk-bundle through SDK manager and update Android Studio to the latest version (Canary branch). And what to do next? How setup? Here is a link to the source. Source

durbnpoisn 06/08/2015
Explaining the ins and outs of an upgrade to an entire development environments is a bit too much for us to answer here.
Yevhen Vasilenko 06/08/2015
So, you say that it is better to remove current Android Studio and SDK and install new?

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ph0b 12/18/2015.

Actually, the advertised NDK support isn't available yet, even if you download the ndk-bundle and update Android Studio to the latest version in the canary channel (1.3-preview3 as of now).

The SDK tools team said that the NDK support wasn't part of the first previews of Android Studio 1.3. However it should be out soon - they recently mentioned mid-June as a target.

update: the debugging support is out now. It wasn't the case at the time of the initial question - thanks for all the downvotes since then :) please look at donturner's answer below.

3 Glenn Maynard 01/14/2016
Downvotes are just a tax on questions with answers that change over time...

donturner 06/15/2016.

Update June 2016: In Android Studio 2.1 the default run configuration supports native debugging so there should be no need to do the below unless you're using an older version.

For older versions: Here's how to debug native code in Android Studio:

  • Go to Run->Edit configurations
  • Click the + sign
  • Choose 'Android Native' as the configuration type
  • In the Module dropdown choose your app's module
  • Add breakpoints to your C/C++ code
  • Run->Debug...

The app should be deployed and the lldb debugger will attach after ~10s.

Note: When creating the debug configuration under the 'Native Debugger' section you can choose gdb, however this is less well supported than lldb and known to be buggy. Use at your own risk.

1 Alex Cohn 10/15/2015
I believe that gdb is discontinued since AS v.1.4.
Mitch 05/01/2016
"In the Module dropdown choose your app's module" is in the General Tab v2.1 Android Studio
Mitch 05/01/2016
Missing instructions on naming the configuration. Also, these instructions create an error "Build type isn't JNI debuggable". I'm guessing these directions are no longer correct due to interface changes. I'm still unable to debug.
4 m0skit0 06/01/2016
No such option as 'Android Native'.
2 donturner 06/15/2016
The 'Android Native' run configuration is no longer supported because the 'Android Application' configuration now fully supports native debugging.

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