How to mix 32 and 64-bit .so files in an app

Carmelo M 09/15/2017. 1 answers, 84 views
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First,I know that in an app does not allow mixed use of different architectures of the .so file(Part only uses 32, the other part only uses 64)

So,I tried to Open a new process to dynamically load 64 and 32-bit so files,but System.load()throw the error and app crashed! How to solve this problem through multiple processes? Or is there any other way to solve this?

Markus 07/27/2017
Welcome to SO! Please take some time to read the help pages, especially the sections named "What topics can I ask about here?" and "What types of questions should I avoid asking?". Also please take the tour and read about how to ask good questions. Lastly please learn how to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example. Details about error would help a lot.
Alex Cohn 07/27/2017
That's a cool idea! But what kind of child process do you want to start? A service? I don't think this could work, because the system decides whether to turn on 32-bit mode based on analysis of your APK, and the JVM is setup accordingly.
Alex Cohn 07/27/2017
See the pm can force the ABI while installing the app.
Carmelo M 07/28/2017
@AlexCohn Thanks! I agree with you, a child process(Activity) can not solve this problem。 [] is not working, because I want part of the function uses 32-bit .so, and part of the function uses 64-bit .so,in the same app.
Carmelo M 07/28/2017
@AlexCohn Do you have any other ideas? Master

1 Answers

Alex Cohn 07/30/2017.

Well, I did try. On the face of it, this works: use armeabi shared libs 'in the usual way', and run a arm64-v8a executable from Java with Runtime.exec() or from C with system().

You can put the executable in assets and unpack it manually, or you can cheat and rename it so that it starts with lib and ends with .so; now you can put this file in the jniLibs/armeabi directory.

The opposite way works, too: launch 32-bit executable (don't forget -fPIE) from 64-bit app.

Make sure that the library search paths do not clash.

Carmelo M 08/04/2017
That's a cool idea!!! My project is not similar to the video transcoding background operation, but need to load the three-dimensional graphics, through the SurfaceView to interact with the user gestures. How to deal with these UI interaction is a big problem, I hope you can give me some ideas, thank you
Alex Cohn 08/04/2017
I don't think you can handle UI or perform live graphics through interprocess communication

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