Can the android emulator run on an ARM device

Martin 09/09/2017. 0 answers, 88 views
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I need to do a lot of android testing where the device I use has to be ARM based. While it is possible to create these devices in the default android emulator they are of course very slow on my x86 development machine.

A lot of this testing runs headless and automatically so I thought about setting up an ARM server and emulate the devices there in the hope that the performance would be better. While looking around I realized that there is nearly no information about this. Is it possible to run an android emulator (ether the one provided with the SDK or any other) on a ARM machine to get higher performance for the virtual devices?

1 Alex Cohn 07/28/2017
Why do you need emulator? Maybe use a device?
old_timer 07/28/2017
why arm? do you have some assembly language in your application?
old_timer 07/28/2017
you are probably better off just running it on a device.
Martin 07/29/2017
@old_timer we run some third party apps that do not support x86. both: real devices would be an option but I'm looking for something that is easier & cheaper to scale

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