Use one Google Drive account as central repository in Android

Zia ur Rehman 10/03/2017. 0 answers, 46 views
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I am trying to develop an app where different users will take pictures and those pictures will be uploaded to one centralised Google Drive account. Now problem is that when I integrate Google Drive SDK with android, it's process is to ask each user for their credentials but I want only one credentials to be used and it should automatically connect to Google Drive when app is started.

I tried different SDK methods but it isn't working actually it is supposed to work like that. Like the one I tried is the below one but it has process of asking user for credentials, but I do not want that I want predefined user_account and password to be used.

if (mGoogleApiClient == null) {
        mGoogleApiClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(this)
                .addScope(Drive.SCOPE_APPFOLDER) // required for App Folder sample

So, does SDK support it? And I looked at Google Drive API too it also first asking me to connect to google drive with my current account installed.

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