Failed to resolve: firebase-database-15.0.0

Sadi Khan 10/01/2018. 7 answers, 3.962 views
android android firebase firebase firebase-realtime-database build.gradle

connecting firebase real-time database with assistant when adding the dependencies of firebase database this error is showing:

Failed to resolve: firebase-database-15.0.0

this also happened with authentication

My android studio version 3.2 build September 18

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7 Answers

Nishan Chathuranga 11/11/2018.


implementation ''

Add following lines and sync project.

implementation ''
implementation ''

Guy4444 12/03/2018.

There's an annoying bug in the new versions of Android Studio (I've seen versions 3.2.1 or higher on both Windows and Mac). if you integrate firebase automatically from tools, Thןד gives you an unwanted add-on that de-compile the program.

for example:

implementation ''

instead of:

implementation ''

Just drop the unnecessary extra after the ':'

Note that the example is for a database If you need something else substitute the word database in your library, for example ads.

enter image description here

Mohsen 10/01/2018.

Update your gradle in the root Build.gradle first:

classpath ''

Then use & update this in the app/Build.gradle dependencies:


I believe you're trying to download another non-exist dependency, that's why you get the error:

Failed to resolve: firebase-database-15.0.0


And here:

PHILL BOOTH 10/01/2018.

I get a issue like this sometimes, 1)restart the PC, or 2) delete C:\Users\.gradle and then restart the machine.

If you are using ionic then delete the .ionic as well.

Alex Mamo 10/01/2018.

You are getting the following error:

Failed to resolve: firebase-database-15.0.0

Because you are using a wrong dependency in your code. To solve this, please change the following line of code:

implementation ''


implementation ''

Because such a version 16.0.1:15.0.0 does not exist.

Please also add the following dependency which is now mandatory:

    implementation ''

Your app gradle file now has to explicitly list as a dependency for Firebase services to work as expected.

In your top level build.gradle file please be sure to have the latest version of Google Service plugin:

classpath ''

Indra Bhurtel 11/16/2018.

You can update this in the app/Build Gradle dependencies:

dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    testImplementation 'junit:junit:4.12'
    androidTestImplementation ''
    androidTestImplementation ''
    implementation ''
apply plugin: ''

This must help you to get rid of the error!

Waliullah 11/11/2018.

I had this same problem. but now worked for me.Try This add the dependency for Authentication to your app-level build.gradle file.

implementation ''

When you click on add dependency this again ask you add the statement implementation '' So This button does not need to be triggered to authenticate the app. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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