How to make the following directed graph with text?

Andrew Tawfeek 06/13/2018. 3 answers, 194 views

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to draw the following directed graph:enter image description here

Could someone help me/provide insight on how to make these myself in the future?

3 Answers

marmot 06/13/2018.

This site is full of examples. You could use tikz-cd, plain TikZ, PSTricks and so on. Here is an example using forest.

% starting point:
  for tree={
    line width=1pt,
    child anchor=north,
    parent anchor=south,
    edge path={
      \noexpand\path[line width=1pt, \forestoption{edge},-latex]
      (!u)  -- () \forestoption{edge label};
  s sep+=20pt,
   [Commutative\\ Rings
     [Commutative Rings\\ with identity,name=cr
      [Integer domains,l*=2,name=id] 
   [Rings\\ with unity,name=ru
    [Division rings
 \begin{scope}[line width=1pt]
   \draw[-latex] (ru) -- (cr);
   \draw[-latex] (id) -- (fld);

enter image description here

Bernard 06/13/2018.

Here's a short code with pstricks:

%\usepackage{auto-pst-pdf} % to compile with pdflatex


\begin{psmatrix}[arrows=->, arrowinset=0, colsep=0.8cm, nodesep=6pt]
&[name=R] Rings \\
[name=CR] \Shortunderstack{Commutative\\Rings} & & [name=RU]\Shortunderstack{Rings with \\Unity} \\
[name=CRI] \Shortunderstack{Commutative Rings\\ with Identity} & & [name=DR] Division Rings \\
[name=ID] Integral Domains & & [name=F] Fields
\foreach \s/\t in {R/CR, R/RU, CR/CRI, RU/DR, RU/CRI, CRI/ID, DR/F, ID/F}{\ncline{\s}{\t}}


enter image description here

Zarko 06/13/2018.

an alternative/competitive forest solution:


for tree={
        text centered,
    l sep=5mm,
    s sep=8mm,
    edge = {thick, -Stealth}
    [Commutative\\ Rings
        [Commutative Rings\\ with identity,name=A
            [Integer domains,tier=word,name=B]
   [Rings\\ with unity,name=C
        [Division rings
\draw[thick, -Stealth]  (C) edge (A) (B) to (D);

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