Aligning a figure and table side by side

Greg Slodkowicz 09/23/2018 at 19:42. 1 answers, 0 views
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I would like to place a figure side-by-side with a table, and have both of them aligned to the top. This is what I came up with:

      \begin{tabular}{| c | c |}
        Contrast & value \\
        I & 6 \\
        ... \\
\caption{Phylogenetic independent contrasts}

But this doesn't work as I hoped, the two items are misaligned:Rendered figure and table

How can I fix this?

1 Answers

Leif Andersson 07/20/2018.

The answer to this common question is to be found in Keith Reckdahl's epslatex.pdf, page 36, "Minipage Vertical Alignment". I quote the particular solution here. Please note the "secret", the two \vspace{0pt}

\end{center} % added ending }

In general, this document is a must for any LaTeX work with graphics.

/Leif Andersson


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