How to deal with different screen sizes when your theme is all about design

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We know that not all people have the same screen resolution in their computer monitor. Some people prefer widescreen display in 15'', when other uses 17'' and more for their computer experience.

I am designing a web page that in my monitor (17'' 1280w x 1024h ) looks great.

When I tested it in a laptop, ( less height resolution than my monitor ) it does not look good because it kind of splits the page and you have to scroll to get the feeling. You don't get all the good part at once. This means it looses from it's design.

My question is if this is a game of my mind because I am used to my monitor, and if it is not, how should I deal with it ?

I prefer not to show my page, but I found an example of what I mean in template monster here

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FrankL 10/24/2011.

For that reason and furthermore for mobile screensize as well, there is new technique called Responsive Webdesign. Its about adapting its content and layout according to screensize by using CSS mediaqueries and additional serverside techniques. Haven't digg too deep into it, but I think its based on HTML5 and CSS3.

But, I'm afraid it needs a whole new layout approach for your current site.

Links: Responsive Web Design Introduction, Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It Pragmatic responsive design,Adaptation: Why responsive design actually begins on the server, Golden Grit System

And critical links:11 reasons why Responsive Design isn’t that cool!, Responsive Web Design or Separate Mobile Site? Eh. It Depends., CSS Media Query for Mobile is Fool’s Gold


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