Use a list of strings to replace a sql parameter printing the whole file for each replacement

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I have a txt file with string values in a single column :




I have a sql script with a variable called 'parameter'.


declare @var varchar(255)
set @var = 'parameter'
select * from table_name where column = @var

I want to read the file line by line and use each line to replace parameter in the sql , print out all sql statements to a file (and eventually run that sql)

I am open to use perl or python, but a simple shell solution would be much appreciated.

E.g. something like: cat file.txt |sed "s/parameter/$0/" script.sql

Expected output for e.g. A and B :


declare @var varchar(255)
set @var = 'A'
select * from table_name where column = @var
declare @var varchar(255)
set @var = 'B'
select * from table_name where column = @var

1 Answers

George Vasiliou 03/20/2017.

The bash way with the pitfall to call sed everytime (performance penalty applies):

while read -r line;do
  sed -r "s/parameter/$line" script.sql >>newfile.sql
done <file.txt

another bash way:

while read -r ln;do
echo "${old/parameter/$ln}" >>newfile.sql
done <file.txt

The awk way:

awk 'NR==FNR{a[FNR]=$0;last=FNR;next}{for (i=1;i<=last;i++) \
print (a[i] ~ /^set @var/)?gensub(/parameter/,$0,"g",a[i]):a[i] >>"new.sql"}' script.sql file.txt

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