Nebula View from the surface of a planet

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I'm aware this question has been been answered in some detail and form, but I'd like to know this. How spectacular would a nebula look like from the surface of, let's say, a Super-earth like planet? There's more mass (correct me if I'm wrong) so the atmosphere is much thicker and light has to pass through more stuff. How awesome would a nebula (or any other celestial phenomenon, please name a few) would be? Would it be a permanent fixture of evening and night-skies. Would it be so that the night would always be a "semi-night" with a night filled with a soft orange light?

EDIT: By "spectacular" and "awesome", I mean, can and would a distant nebula be a significant fixture of an evening and night sky, i.e., can and would it be so bright that it would render the night sky into a "semi-day" sky? I'm not an astrophysicist, and I'm obviously in the presence of people who know a lot more about this subject. I just want to know if a nebula (and again, any other phenomena sans moons) can be so significant that it can alter the night cycle of an Earth-like (or Super-Earth-like planet).

I'm currently in the process of writing a story and I don't want it to be in a fantasy universe. So, I'd be grateful if someone can answer my question.....well, there're are a lot of questions in there, but any information will be extremely helpful.

Cheers. :)

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L.Dutch 09/20/2018.

You can take as reference how the Milky Way appears to a terrestrial observer (from APOD):

Milky Way

Though still magnificent, it somehow less spectacular than what one would see when looking at it from the outside, i.e. compare it to Andromeda Galaxy (same source):

Andromeda Galaxy

But that is due to the different observation point.

Due to the large distances it won't be enough to brighten the night sky like the Moon does, and the atmosphere would have a dimming effect, comparable to the effect you have when looking at the nocturnal sky in a city or in a remote location. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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