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Maybe, maybe not — but the answer won't. My prefix is the first half of what was before. My suffix curses Scotland in red and no more. My infix is a hotshot when scrambled (what egg?). ...

This was from a test for 11 year olds. Give the two words from the list that are most similar in type or meaning. success quartet political filthy nervousness But ...

My prefix is an animal, My infix is what restricts my prefix, My suffix is an expression. Made half by the humans and half by the God. What am I?

Today I'm honored!

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Find a set and I am #2. Harm with me, triple harm without me Lookin' for a expert, plant wizard, just call me! However, there ain't any magic involved, Now, geometry is important to me, Well at ...

My attempt at a Riley Riddle: My prefix is a limit. My suffix is quite unlit. My infix shows what's done-- but I'm afraid I don't have one. What am I?

Consume me with tonic

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Consume me with tonic, a real superhero, along with a parent and child in a trio. Opposite letter to those stuck in bureau; when lacking in me, you may feel like a zero. What am I?

To my prefix, don't go back and forth, My suffix means to possess My infix can mean line or propel, Together I make a weird face What am I?

Word slice riddle #2

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With three I am close to bottom, With four i move free, With five i go down further, With all six i am found in a tree. Tell me. what am I?

My prefix is rejection, my infix is option, My suffix is a road we take to reach destination. Tell me who am I? Hint: Note: You can check out my first Riley riddle here

A ship pulled into a harbor and everyone went ashore. The first sailor off the boat went to the pub, and after his fifth ale began to YD so loudly they threw him in the drunk tank. The second went ...

You get home from work, grab the mail, take off your coat, and sit down on the couch with the TV on the news. "Bills, bills, junk..." you sift through your mail, and stop to look at a very colorful ...

With chase, plane, or tiger --whatever your pleasure-- I have been known to fold under pressure. What am I?

Word slices riddle

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With three i am used for cleaning, with four I am used to kill, with five I can be pretty quick, with all seven I am considered weak. $Hint$

With two, I exist

1 answers, 50 views riddle word
Another Tyobrien-style riddle: With three, I cross a river. With four, I am a man. With all five, I am a woman. Hint:

I am formed of letters three, Have a go - can you find me? When you give me legs, I'll help you see the stars. When you take me fishing, I'll help you playing music. When I join a ...

Here is a new Tyo-puzzle inspired by the first TyoBrien Puzzle. With three, you call for me, With five, you stay in me, With all seven you put belongings in me.

This unsuspicious ... post - has just a bunch of random letters. No secret words, no silly ciphers, nothing. Nothing to see here. Goodbye. Urgent secret message: Go to another question ahem, what ...

Something most of us will not escape from. I've included the Knowledge tag since the character depicted above is not some creature I made up.

Bane of sailors. Bliss for the head. I am complete when I am dead. What am I? This one perplexed a game group, including a sailor, so I hope to see you fare better. Some hints:

I'll admit, okay? I have no tongue. But that doesn't mean that we are done- A delicious dessert, or perhaps your manhood; But don't forget to double it good. A cold treat with a 'nana But without the ...

Zeebus Puzzle #3

1 answers, 63 views word rebus
Another day, another rebus puzzle:

While the riddle is solved, a few lines are still unanswered. If you want to have a go, be my guest. If nothing happens for a while, I'll complete the answer post. ...

Cogito ergo sum, Om mani padme hum. Ordem e progresso, Cognac e espresso. One of the speech, One of the mouth, One of the tongue, One into the mouth. Looking for four words of four ...

My Prefix works solo,My infix will disagree, My suffix is the end, now tell me where I be.

Tired of short riddles yet? I claim me, myself, and I. I can be found in stone, and I can find stone. I can burst, causing irreparable damage. I am an abundance. I am?

The following riddle was inspired by what is referred to as "Riley Puzzles / Riddles" (example). Another Riley Riddle! This one keeps to the traditions, but it might be a little too hard. I will give ...


Possibly over there

1 answers, 386 views riddle word wordplay
My prefix is possible, My old suffix is over there, My infix is whatever you want, And my whole might be really grand. What am I?

The following riddle was inspired by what is referred to as "Riley Puzzles / Riddles" (example). My prefix is a formula, My suffix being shared. My infix starts a warm colour, Though cast away ...

My prefix comes first, my suffix in the end. I have a tail, a tail I can bend. My infix in every circle you find. So tell me, have you made up your mind? Hint 1: EDIT: Sorry for the big mistake......

First, a preposition for where I go Next is a liquid that's not quick to flow Finally a word used to give permission All of this defines my current position Where am I?

My Prefix is a body of water, My infix body part; My suffix looks like a letter, If you just invert. Tell me what am I?

A Dripping Riley Riddle

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Considering how quickly my last Riley Riddle was solved I thought I'd try again. my prefix causes you trouble my suffix people have double my infix you find swimming this can stop you from ...

But can you survive the '_ _ _ _ _ ?

An invading force was once named my prefix What they left after, colored my suffix Forgetting my infix is just not allowed When applied to people, I'm more than a crowd What am I? Hint:

Within the following poem is a hidden word, with its subsequent letters represented in some way in this poem. Similar to the previous "find the word in the poem" puzzle (SPOILER). Here's the poem: ...

Hidden within the following poem is a word. I would provide more clue as to how to decipher each letter in the word, but perhaps I'm already giving away too much. Let's see if you can get it! If I ...

OK, let me try my hand at this: As an addendum you'd use my prefix Almost in your hand you can find my suffix My infix is even more thin than a hair And some might find me on a wing and a ...

Very punny. 1. 2. 3. What punny word does each image represent?

Zeebus Puzzle #2

1 answers, 259 views word rebus music
Below is a rebus puzzle for you to solve:

Inspired by @QuantumTwinkie's anagram puzzles. Okay, another $20$ lines for another anagram puzzle. (I did reveal one of the original lines in a comment, but you won't find that here.) Some are easy, ...

My prefix is the result of human creativity. My suffix creates hazards. My infix represents me in another language. I am often found in the ground. What am I?

My prefix is an animal, my suffix is round, My infix hears your screaming sound. I make you move, i lead your way Tell me who i am, right away.

My prefix is a family member, my infix is my path, My suffix is what witches do, if you incur their wrath Tell me what am I?

To start, a source of winter fun. To end, where journeys have begun. To link them, there's an evil one. That's even less. Congrats! You're done.

So Many Homophones?

4 answers, 887 views word
A twist on my previous puzzle So many anagrams. Instead of finding anagrams for the blanks you have to find two homophones/homographs(bat-bat, and doe-dough) that fit into the provided blanks. Note: ...

I'm the beginning, and I'll be the end. When I'm gone, so will you, my friend. I am the power, the power of life. Without me, nothing can survive. Now you know the rules of my game I want you to guess ...

Into the water a lion's head spews, a fine city's residents line up in queues. Middle of the world, an Andean pearl, a high city famous for mountainous views. Into the ocean the ...

Yellow jackets freak me out Rejection always stings I was brought up Just to fall When will this ever end? What am I? Hint 1: Hint 2:

Zeebus Puzzle #1

5 answers, 895 views word rebus
Below is a rebus puzzle for you to solve:

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